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Review by Honey’s Anime

Mobile Edge’s Core Gaming Backpack w/ Molded Panel - E3 2019 Impression

Hello, Honey’s Anime Peeps! We are back again with yet another coverage report from E3 2019. This time, we were invited to check out Mobile Edge’s Core Gaming Backpack w/ Molded Panel…

Product Review by Gaming Shogun

Mobile Edge Core Gaming Backpack Review

I will never trust my gaming laptop to anything but a quality backpack – it is worth way too much to be trusted to anything but quality. We have been using the same BlizzCon 2010 messenger bag …

Review by Joe Porletto

Mobile Edge Alienware Vindicator 2.0 Backpack and Neoprene Sleeve review

Buying a new laptop is a big deal for me, as it is for most people. I spend months doing research, reading reviews, and trying out laptops in stores. Once I finally settle on my choice…

Review by Chris Jarrard

Mobile Edge lets you take your laptop and VR gear on the go

Mobile Edge designs hi-tech bags that make traveling with your gaming gear easier than ever. Gaming laptops are incredibly popular with PC gamers thanks to their ability to deliver top-flight gaming experiences, while offering portability…

Product Review by Quibian Salazar-Moreno

Mobile Edge Core Gaming Backpack Review

The thing about most laptop bags and laptop backpacks, they focus on the business person who carries minimal items – a small laptop, maybe a phone charger, a tablet, and a folder with important papers. Those bags don’t have the space for a gamer’s 17-inch…

Review by Lynn Lopez

Mobile Edge Graphite messenger bag review

I am always on the lookout for my next bag.  Whether it be to carry a laptop, camera equipment or a traveling bag.  I currently have a bag that I am using to carry my laptop at work.  Where I work we have three separate buildings and trying to carry a laptop, mouse, power cord and…

Gaming hardware reviews powerful bag of holding - Core Gaming Backpack Review

This backpack is great for travelers, but it was specifically designed for those that like to travel with gaming equipment such as Nintendo Switch or Xbox One. Since I know lots of young travelers…

Product Review by: Chris Rauschnot


Mobile Edge Core Gaming Laptop Backpack with Velcro Overview 3-23-19

Review by David Novak

Mobile Edge Women's Urban Laptop Tote Review

Leading manufacturer of laptop and tablet/iPad backpacks, Mobile Edge, released its new Special Edition Women’s Urban Laptop Tote, the perfect companion for your daily…

Review by Ramsey

Mobile Edge Core Gaming Backpack with Velcro Panel

The Mobile Edge Core Gaming Backpack offers a comfortable, spacious, portable solution that favors function over form, and results in a great assistant especially when paired with the Core Battery Pack…

Product Review by: SdgtEnt

Mobile Edge Deluxe Rolling Duffel... Reviewed!

As you see… there is the main area where you can stuff things into, but the additional compartments are the things that caught my eye. If you can’t tell… this is a big duffel bag (and I mean big), just keep that in mind…

Review by

Mobile Edge Core Gaming Backpack Review

I am a big fan of accessories. Sometimes the most fun of getting into a new hobby is getting all the paraphernalia associated with it. For card games, I love getting new deck boxes…

Review by Ben Crossman

Pink Faux-Suede Laptop Tote 17″ By Mobile Edge – Review

So what’s a lady looking for in a laptop case?  I managed to talk my son out of an early Mother’s Day gift, and it was totally worth the begging.Mobile Edge has made the perfect …

Product Review by: vagabondish

Prepare for Any Trip Like a Pro with Mobile Edge’s Professional Backpack and Rolling Case Combo

Most hardcore travelers identify as either a “roll-aboard traveler” or a “backpacker.” Both camps are typically prepared to argue the superiority of their preferred baggage to the death.

Review by

Review: Mobile Edge Core Gaming Backpack

The Mobile Edge Core Gaming backpack was designed specifically for gamers on the go. The backpack has compartments for multiple laptops/consoles and accessories. …

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