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Thank you for your interest in the Mobile Edge Preferred Reseller Program. We appreciate your business.

As you know, our mission is to create truly cutting-edge carrying cases that will enhance your customer's mobile lifestyle and positively reflect their personal sense of style.Mobile Edge was created by a group of senior computer industry professionals for the sole purpose of producing superior computer-related carry cases. In this increasingly mobile world we live in, the case that you carry reflects upon who you are. Just as people are proud of the watch on their wrist, we want them to be proud of the case that they carry.

Our commitment is to provide style, innovation and function in every case that we produce. We also realize that 'peace-of-mind' is more important than ever, and to this end we offer the strongest Lifetime Warranty in the industry. If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied, we pledge to make it right - simple and easy.

As a Preferred Reseller you are sending a message to your customers that you want them to carry the best computer luggage made. We want to support you in this endeavor. To this end, you will receive:

  • Preferred specials and promos
  • A monthly "Preferred" newsletter
  • Signage and other collateral marketing materials
  • A special toll-free support number
  • A special support e-mail address
  • And more!

"We look forward to growing our business together. Thank you again for your interest."

David Cartwright

President CEO, Mobile Edge

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