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The Graphite Line, seven of Mobile Edge most popular cases and redesigned - Distinctive, Stylish, and Unique

Graphite is the new Black!

With that in mind, Mobile Edge created the Graphite Line. We took seven of our most popular cases and redesigned them using a new premium ‘Graphite’ nylon. Combined with a fashion-inspired interior lining, the result is a collection of user proven products built specifically for the discriminating mobile computing consumer. When you really want to make your mark, choose Graphite!

The Graphite Backpack

$89.99 Tax

The Graphite Messenger

$69.99 Tax

Graphite Corporate Briefcase

1 Review(s)
$89.99 Tax

The Graphite Nylon Briefcase

$79.99 Tax

The Graphite SmartPack Backpack

$59.99 Tax

Graphite Express Backpack

$69.99 Tax

The Graphite Premium Backpack

$119.99 Tax
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