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Have you opted for a light-weight or slimline laptop to reduce strain on your body? That doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice protection. Our sleeves and portfolios are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate everything from 7″ tablets to 17″ Macbook Pros – and with a selection of bright colors to suit your style you can enjoy personal expression and maximized functionality!

ME SlipSuit – Sleeves – 14.1″

$29.99 Tax

SlipSuit – Red with Gold Trim – Neoprene Sleeves 14.1″/15.4″


Portfolio – Green Faux-Croc

$37.49 Tax

Sumo Pant Pocket Sleeve – Black

$39.99 Tax

Laptop Portfolio – Black Faux-Croc

$49.99 Tax

Laptop Portfolio – Blue Faux-Croc

$49.99 Tax

Laptop Portfolio – Yellow Faux-Croc 14.1″/13″ MacBook Pro

$37.49 Tax

Portfolio – White Faux-Croc

$49.99 Tax

Sumo Pant Pocket Sleeve – Brown

$49.99 Tax
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