MicroClear Three Pack

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  • Removes dirt and smudges in one swipe
  • Self-adheres anywhere on device when not in use
  • Retains adhesive for thousands of uses
  • MicroFiber will not scratch surfaces
  • The perfect solution for Cell Phones, Digital Camera LCDs, MP3 Player screens, PDA screens, Portable Gaming Devices and Portable DVD Player/Laptop screens

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The MicroClear is a soft, self adhesive tab that you can stick to any of your portable devices like laptop, ipad, and your cell phone and have a cleaning solution with you wherever you go! The MicroClear cleaning surface will never scratch your devices, and the self-adhesive backing won’t leave tacky adhesive behind, but it’s strong and effective enough to be re-used thousands of times!

When you’re on the move, you don’t always have the time and space to carry cleaning supplies for your device screens. From cell phones to PDAs to your laptop, a dirty, smudged or fingerprint covered screen can be at the very least annoying, and can leave a bad impression on clients or anyone else around you.

For a portable cleaning solution, the answer is MicroClear!

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0.2 oz.

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Small Tab: 1” X 1”
Large Tab: 3.4” X 3.4”



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1 review for MicroClear Three Pack

  1. Seattle1

    No more greasy cell phone screensThis product is actually very cool. It sticks to the back of your cell phone and when you want to clean your screen you just peel it off, use it and restick it to the back of your phone. Your laptop too…

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