These stylish travel bags and suitcases are marked down for Presidents Day

We can’t wait to finally travel again. But let’s face it. You’re going to need new, stylish luggage once that time finally arrives.

16 Xbox, PS5, and Nintendo Switch gifts for your gamer friends and fam - BY STACKCOMMERCE
16 Xbox, PS5, and Nintendo Switch gifts for your gamer friends and fam

Hardcore gamers have likely already invested in a Nintendo Switch, PS5 (if they could get their hands on one), and Xbox Series X, so what can you get them for the holidays that they don’t already have? Gaming accessories, of course.

Save On These Gifts Perfect For Your Favorite Gamers This Holiday Season
Save On These Gifts Perfect For Your Favorite Gamers This Holiday Season

Looking for a new laptop bag was an education, to put it mildly. A lot has changed since I last shopped for one. Today’s laptop bags are far more sophisticated than those from decades past. Budget-conscious consumers seeking durable, feature-rich options aren’t likely to be disappointed.

18 gift ideas for the gamer in your life
18 gift ideas for the gamer in your life

Got a gamer in your life? Then we have you covered. We rounded up 18 best-selling deals for their XBOX, Nintendo Switch, PS5 and more. With savings of up to 98% off—yes, you read that right—you are bound to find something they will love.

30 things on sale from Nypost website - Learn more
30 Things on Sale from New York Post

Reviewd by: New York Post

This CES Innovation Awards Honoree can power up to four of your devices simultaneously thanks to its 27,000mAh rechargeable battery.

pick up 35 of the coolest deals from Boing Boing website - Learn more
Pick up 35 of the coolest deals from Boing Boing

Reviewd by: Boing Boing Shop

This durable ballistic nylon backpack designed for gamers is tailored to hold and carry all the most popular gaming laptops, consoles and devices, from the Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and more.

34 Of The Best Deals You Won’t Find Anywhere Else This Weekend from Daily Caller Website Learn More
34 Of The Best Deals from Daily Caller

Reviewd by: Daily Caller Shop

Mobile Edge CORE gaming backpack is capable of holding the most popular models of gaming laptops and consoles, like Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and more.

Best Messenger Bag of 2020
Best Messenger Bag of 2020

Reviewd by: Penney Garrett & Lyra Pierotti

We’ve been able to purchase and test 33 unique messenger bags over the past nine years in our quest for the best.

Mobile Edge SUMO Messenger Computer Bag REVIEW by Dave Taylor

Reviewd by: Dave Taylor

Sumo’s Messenger Bag is designed to take what the road dishes out while giving you a place for all your travel essentials.

Mobile Edge-Eco-Friendly Products-featured by PPAI magazin
The Eco-Friendly Evolution

Source: Promotional Products Business (PPB)  by Brittany Glenn

As the movement toward recycled, recyclable, and sustainable products goes mainstream, promo industry companies deepen their commitment and expand their offerings.

Best gifts for gamers going back to school


Mobile Edge makes gaming backpacks for Alienware and Razer, but the $104 Core bag is all its own. It can hold up to 17.3-inch laptops (though superthick ones are snug),…

The 10 best gaming backpacks in 2019

Choosing the best gaming backpack is not an easy task because gamers have different expectations than regular users. They want plenty of room, but they also need adequate padding to protect…

Market to Market: Game On

Source: PPAI Media

Gaming is a global phenomenon. According to Reuters, gaming generated $116 billion in revenue last year, eclipsing television ($105 billion), box office ($41 billion) and digital music…

Gaming hardware reviews powerful bag of holding - Core Gaming Backpack Review

This backpack is great for travelers, but it was specifically designed for those that like to travel with gaming equipment such as Nintendo Switch or Xbox One. Since I know lots of young travelers that do just that, it was the perfect backpack …


Product Review by: Chris Rauschnot

Mobile Edge Core Gaming Laptop Backpack with Velcro Overview 3-23-19

Mobile Edge Women's Urban Laptop Tote Review

Leading manufacturer of laptop and tablet/iPad backpacks, Mobile Edge, released its new Special Edition Women’s Urban Laptop Tote, the perfect companion for your daily…

Mobile Edge Core Gaming Backpack with Velcro Panel

Review by Ramsey

The Mobile Edge Core Gaming Backpack offers a comfortable, spacious, portable solution that favors function over form, and results in a great assistant especially when paired with the Core Battery Pack…

Mobile Edge Deluxe Rolling Duffel... Reviewed!

Product Review by: SdgtEnt

As you see… there is the main area where you can stuff things into, but the additional compartments are the things that caught my eye. If you can’t tell… this is a big duffel bag (and I mean big), just keep that in mind…

Pink Faux-Suede Laptop Tote 17″ By Mobile Edge – Review

Review by Ben Crossman

So what’s a lady looking for in a laptop case?  I managed to talk my son out of an early Mother’s Day gift, and it was totally worth the begging.Mobile Edge has made the perfect “day to day into the office laptop bag”, that also covers all the “traveling on the plane with your laptop” requirements.

Prepare for Any Trip Like a Pro with Mobile Edge’s Professional Backpack and Rolling Case Combo

Product Review by: vagabondish

Most hardcore travelers identify as either a “roll-aboard traveler” or a “backpacker.” Both camps are typically prepared to argue the superiority of their preferred baggage to the death.

Save On These Gifts Perfect For Your Favorite Gamers This Holiday Season

Review by

Feeling lost about what to get the favorite gamers in your life this holiday? We’ve got you covered with 20 must-have gizmos and gadgets that any gamer would appreciate. And the best part? They’re all perfectly priced to fit into any budget. Happy Holidays, indeed.

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