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  • Holds laptops up to 17.3″ and Apple Macbooks up to 17″
  • Superior SafetyCell™ computer protection compartment
  • Fits in any overhead or under any seat
  • Dedicated padded tablet/iPad pocket
  • Pockets for smart devices, files, and accessories
  • Media Pocket for iPods/MP3 player w/ headphone SoundPort
  • Cool-Mesh™ ventilated back panel
  • Detachable cell phone pocket
  • Heavy-Duty Duraflex™ fittings
  • EZ-Access ticket pocket
  • Reflective safety stitching
  • 1680 Denier Ballistic Nylon
  • Lifetime warranty

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“This is the most comfortable backpack I have ever worn. Everything and more fits in it very well. It has a lot of space for extra items, school books, equipment, etc. But the best feature is that it fits like a glove and wears on your back very well. I was literally blown over!”
Dell Customer

Designed to carry laptops up to 17.3″ and Apple Macbooks up to 17″. You need a backpack specifically designed for a computer that will also carry all of your gear. We’ve designed this pack, from the Cool-Mesh™ ventilated back panel to the SafetyCell™ Computer Compartment, to be better in every way. If you enjoy the freedom a backpack offers, this is the one for you!

Additional information

Product Weight

4.25 lbs

Product Style


Fits Laptops Up To


Product Dimensions (wxhxd)

16" x 21" x 7"

Laptop Compartment (wxhxd)

11.5" x 17" x 2"

SKUs (Multiple Products)

MEBPP1: Premium Laptop Backpack – Silver Trim
MEBPP7: Premium Laptop Backpack – Red Trim


Black / Red, Black / Silver

Accent Color



1680 Denier Ballistic Nylon



Reviews (6)

6 reviews for Premium Backpack

  1. Jay Brown

    3 years and still going strongMy name is Jay Brown. I bought the premium backpack via amazon about three years ago. I am a Power Lineman for S.C.E. I’ve used the bag everyday. Now when I say I’ve used it everyday for me that means keeping it loaded with my laptop and five pounds of tools. it gets thrown into my 18 wheeler, banged around the fires and into the snow of the San Joaquin valley, double shifts late nights and rain storms the bag has withstood everything I could subject it to. It has went on loads of vacations. And it has never displayed a flaw! No zipper rips or cloth stitch rips nothing. I tell everyone that asks me about luggage, that there are a lot of backpack manufactures out there sure even less expensive ones. But they will never find a better designed and built bag than those from Mobile Edge. I have meant to write or call for quite a while and say Thanks. Sorry it has took me so long.

    Thanks again for building a product that has made my life a lot easier and dependable.

  2. John H.

    Highly Recommended!!I used this backpack every single day while finishing up my education in New York City for three years and it has been DEAD reliable. I
    generally used it to carry my laptop and an average of two or three textbooks and walked around for miles each day.

    On one occasion, I used it to pick up a spine bookcase made of solid steel. I managed to
    fit almost all the pieces, which I later found out weighed nearly 100 lbs, into my Mobile Edge backpack. Between a mix of walking and the subway, it took nearly an hour to get home. Even after that type of abuse, the backpack has yet to fail me and I still use it today. This is the Mack Truck of backpacks in a neat and relatively compact package.

    Highly recommended. Don’t waste your money on anything else!

    (Premium Backpack – Black MEBPP1)

  3. Robert

    Happy Camper!Please note, I know it’s rude to mention competing brands, so if the web master deletes this rant I’ll understand.
    I wish to thank Targus and Amazon. I went cheap and bought the Targus TXL617 17 XL Back pack. It was about $18 dollars cheaper and I’m a trying to save pennies (aren’t we all?).
    After traveling less than one week with the Targus, the flap clip broke and had a problem with the main zipper (workmanship).
    Amazon refunded the entire cost, so I order the Black premium.
    Boy, am I glad.
    The workman ship is a heck of a lot better!
    The straps are a whole lot sturdier and WAY more comfortable. This is an understatement!
    Here’s the rub, a friend has the same model Targus, but it was well over a year old, they went cheap on the newer model and the workmanship has changed for the worst. I based my original purchase on the older model (with same model number) because of HIS experience and recommendation.
    He also agreed, the newer version was lower quality and they removed some cool features.
    He’s now eyeing the ScanFast Checkpoint Friendly Backpack, even though his Targus is still in good shape (guilt maybe).
    Never owned a Mobile Edge before, but the saying “you get what you pay for” has hit me hard (in a good way).
    The Premium also has better protection than the Targus.
    I knew the Premium has more padding from reviews, but I thought it would have a lot less space because of this. I’m darned stoked to be proven wrong.
    I can still fit a Pavilion DV7-2xxx (17.3″) into a Caselogic PLS-17 Sleeve with the Power Supply/mouse into the padded backpack holder!
    The HP DV7 is 16.2 x 10.3″ and with added bulk of the sleeve, P/S & Mouse in the zippered sleeve pocket, it fit like a glove. Tight enough to not need the Velcro strap, but can still slide the lappy in and out easy.
    Thanks to Mobile Edge’s competition, my investment in Premium Backpack has made me a happy camper. It will also hold a whole bunch of tech gear, and all the cables in one neat package.
    I do not work for Mobile Edge or been fired by Targus.

  4. C. Harbeson

    Fantastic for a Toughbook CF-29

    Fantastic pack for carrying my Toughbook CF-29 which doesn’t fit in much of anything else. Very satisfied.

  5. O’Leary

    Extremely satisfied customerI would like to let you all know that you have a very good product, although I’m sure you know that already. I have had my Dell brand labeled premium backpack since 2004, and it has served me extremely well. I am always on the go, and this pack has never let me down. It has protected 3 laptops; been on a camping trip to Big Sur full of gear (not to mention a laptop); flown all over the country; been in and out of several industrial manufacturing plants many times; traveled on my back on many mountain bike trips to and from work; and has been rolled over in 2 motorcycle accidents, the most recent of which was a 50mph head on encounter with a car when the driver decided my side of the road looked better than his own.

    Through 8 years of this, I have never had a single issue with your pack, and it is always loaded with 30-50 pounds of gear, tools, knives, clothes, and whatever else I need on a daily basis. Very few purchases have impressed me over the years, but this pack impresses me more than most. Your pack is more durable than much of the camping gear I’ve had over the years – gear which is meant to take a beating. I’ll be buying more of these in the future, for myself and my employees. Keep doing what you’re doing.


  6. Ray from Houston

    Best Backpack ever owned

    Let me start by saying that sending you my backpack for repair was hard. I’ve had this backpack since 2005 and have used it every day since. Even on vacation it’s part of my attire.

    I’ve traveled all over the U.S. with it. Running to and from the office without it makes me feel like I’m forgetting something or missing something. If it’s not covered under warranty I will understand because I’m willing to get a new one without reservation, but as they say it never hurts to ask.

    This is the best pack I’ve ever owned; it holds everything and now I’m forced to use a cheap Eddie Bauer pack while this one gets repaired. Thanks in a advance for your customer service!

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