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The TSA announced guidelines to allow travelers with properly designed carrying cases to pass through security checkpoints without removing their laptops. Mobile Edge responded by creating the ScanFast Collection, each case is uniquely designed to provide an unobstructed security scan of the computer. If you’re traveling with your laptop, let Mobile Edge make your trip through the airport security faster and easier, not to mention safer, keeping your laptop safe from thieves and from bumps. It will stay safe within your laptop bag.
The new ScanFast 2.0 collection is made using DuPont Sorona, a material produced partially with Agricultural Feedstocks (corn). This requires 30% less energy than Petrochemical products and reduces greenhouse emissions by 63%. This makes the ScanFast line of cases not only smart for travel, but smart for the environment as well!

Disclaimer: Given TSA’s use of random screening protocols, TSA reserves the right to re-screen any bag or laptop regardless of the design of the bag.

How to use the ScanFast Checkpoint Friendly at the airport


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Product Weight

3.7 lbs

Product Dimensions (wxhxd)

13.25" x 19" x 8"

Laptop Compartment (wxhxd)

11.2" x 16.75" x 1.8"

MSRP $99.99
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Reviews (18)

18 reviews for Mobile Edge ScanFast™ Backpack 2.0 – 17.3″

  1. Editor Siyahi J. – Green Packs

    ScanFast Laptop Cases Made Out Of Corn

    Soft and stain resistant, the Sorona® fibers also offer high strength and stiffness. The environment-friendly material used in the making of the ScanFast™ laptop cases are expected to break new paths in this arena.

    Mobile Edge, in fact, aims at putting in place a standard for producing truly eco-friendly laptop cases through this innovation.

  2. Anna Attkisson, Senior Editor, Laptop Magazine

    Mobile Edge makes Laptop Bag from Corn

    More than just fuel and food, corn is used to make far more things than you might think, including crayons, diapers, firecrackers, and toothpaste. Now you can add to that list laptop bags.

    The polymeric fabric is produced with corn stock that reportedly reduces greenhouse gases by 63 percent, when compared to nylon or polyester. The fibers are said to be “soft and extremely stain resistant with high strength and stiffness qualities.”

  3. Think Laptops Editorial Staff

    Corn-made Laptop Bag from Mobile Edge

    Making more than just fuel and food prices, corn is used to far more things than you think, maybe crayons, diapers, firecrackers, and toothpaste.
    Now you can add to this list, laptop bags from Mobile Edge.

  4. J. Chapman

    Should be mandatory for everyone that has to pass through TSA security.

    We got all of our computer bag stuff transferred over to the new backpacks and zoomed through security last Wednesday with them. We LOVE these bags. I loved my satchel, but I REALLY love these backpacks. They should be mandatory for everyone that has to pass through TSA security. (Even the TSA guys were impressed with these. “Do you have a computer in your… OH… you have one of those ScanFast bags… nice.”).

    I can’t believe how much room there is in this bag. The internal layout is well thought out; better than any other backpack I’ve owned. I love the segregation of the compartments.

    Nicely done.

  5. U. Cummings

    A great product

    I bought my son one and liked it so much, I bought another for myself. A great product.

  6. J. Aderholdt

    Seems very well made and durable.

    This fits my 17.3 inch laptop well even with the larger capacity battery. Very well designed product as all the compartments organize things perfectly. Seems very well made and durable. So often a product on a WEBsite arrives with disappointment, but I was pleased the moment this came out of the box and became happier the more I examined and filled it.

  7. J. Hobbs

    The most durable bag I have ever had

    These bags are the most durable bag I have ever had. I have had my fist bag for 8 + years. But finally it needed to be replaced.

  8. M. Williams

    Comfortable to wear

    So far, very sturdy! And comfortable to wear and also carry with the handle

  9. J. Martyniuk

    Very well put together.

    Very nice use of compartments. Plenty of room for additional Documents. Very well put together.

  10. Douglas (verified owner)

    ScanFast Backpack 2.0 is wicked durableHad my bag strapped to the back of my Harley, and had a bungie cord malfunction. Bag hit the ground at around 70mph, and all contents survived intact. Came back to the website to order another, as the zippers took a bit of a beating in the impact, but had held up for almost 2 years after the incident. You’ve got my vote for best bag on the market.

  11. J. McLaney

    Gets through security much faster

    Absolutely LOVE this product, very durable, comfortable and has more than enough room to travel with all my accessories that I need. Plus, gets through security much faster…

  12. D. Tuyo

    Designed so well!

    Unbelievable space, organizing packets are intuitive, never seen anything designed so well!

  13. D. Herbst

    Main reason I bought it is because of the extra padding

    Main reason I bought it is because of the extra padding and laptop protection at the bottom and glorious amount of pockets and storage. I’m hoping the icing on the cake is the apparent ease of going through TSA checks.

  14. D. Kark

    Great for Hauling Around 2 Laptops

    I do a lot of consulting, and had problems finding a bag durable enough to handle both my client and personal laptop. I’ve had this bag for years, and just ordered a new one for my weekly travel. I lug around about 30lbs in it, and it’s amazingly sturdy. Lots of storage and well organized. I still need to take my second laptop out at TSA checkpoints, but having one in the scanfast compartment really speeds up the process.

  15. J. Radtke

    The best checkpoint friendly backpack available

    This is the best checkpoint friendly backpack available. It has plenty of space for storage and the extra pockets compared to the first version are very nice for organization. Also, since it is a bit taller than others, I can easily carry my headphones. It is quite durable.

  16. Kim V

    Great Backpack for the Traveler

    I love the fact that this product is so easy to use for the frequent traveler. It’s ergonomic and has all the pockets and storage I need!


    Thanks for honoring your LIFETIME WARRANTY. Sent my old bag for repairs / replacement, and they literally sent a new, replacement bag less than 1 hour after the old bag was delivered (based on the tracking history 🙂 ). One of VERY few companies honoring the LIFETIME warranty and really appreciate Mobile Edge’s earnest effort to help me, even through a difficult time like this. Definitely have a big thumbs up and five stars from me!!


      Thank you for being a loyal customer and fan of Mobile Edge. Be safe and healthy and look forward to supporting your mobile needs in the future.

  18. Genesis_Surge

    This thing is bulletproof. Period. I’ve had mine for 12 years now (wow really? yep!). I live in the Industrial world, I travel the country and end up in crazy places in terrible environments, indoors and out. This thing has literally been filled with 50 pounds of tools and gear and drug 300ft+ up a tower dangling from a climbing harness lanyard, banging into everything on the way by. Not a scratch. It’s had the zippers zip-tied shut and gone through the airport as checked luggage more than once. It’s been dropped, drug and tossed in the back of a truck, baked in the sun, frozen in snow and it just keeps going. Never had broken electronics inside either. After more than a decade of hard use, it’s got some frayed corners, and a rip or two inside from errant tool edges, but it just doesn’t die. I still couldn’t rip the handle or shoulder straps off if I tried. It has a crazy amount of pockets, to the point you’ll find random flash drives, screws and pens you barely remember owning a few years later in some dark corner inside. This is one of those rare products that that planets aligned on and just came out as a perfect combination of everything you need. I was looking for a new bag for another use and to my surprise, here is this beast still being sold 12 years later. What product lives that long, let alone is still sold as-is without some corny “new and improved” update that makes it garbage? At this point, I’m pretty sure it would outlive the cockroaches after nuclear war. If you need a solid bag that can keep the pace with you no matter where life takes you without needing to worry about it, just stop looking, you’re already in the right place. It’ll be the best bill you’ve ever spent. If you do, maybe you can come back in a decade or more and tell us your adventures with it.

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