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Mobile Edge ScanFast Checkpoint Friendly Briefcase 2.0

Premium Nylon Laptop Briefcase
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Eco-Friendly Briefcase (Black) $59.99 Tax
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The TSA announced guidelines to allow travelers with properly designed carrying cases to pass through security checkpoints without removing their laptops. Mobile Edge responded by creating the ScanFast Collection, each case is uniquely designed to provide an unobstructed security scan of the computer. If you’re traveling with your laptop, let Mobile Edge make your trip through the airport faster and easier with the ScanFast Laptop Cases!

The new ScanFast 2.0 collection is made using DuPont Sorona, a material produced partially with Agricultural Feedstocks (corn). This requires 30% less energy than Petrochemical products and reduces greenhouse emissions by 63%. This makes the ScanFast line of cases not only smart for travel, but smart for the environment as well!

Disclaimer: Given TSA’s use of random screening protocols, TSA reserves the right to re-screen any bag or laptop regardless of the design of the bag.

How to use your ScanFast TSA Approved, Checkpoint Friendly laptop bag

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Product Weight

3.1 lbs

Product Dimensions (wxhxd)

17" x 13.3" x 5"

Laptop Compartment (wxhxd)

15.5" x 11.2" x 1.8"

MSRP $99.99
Fits Laptops Up To



Eco Friendly DuPont Sorona

Reviews (11)

11 reviews for Mobile Edge ScanFast Checkpoint Friendly Briefcase 2.0

  1. Think Laptops Editorial Staff

    Corn-made Laptop Bag from Mobile Edge

    Making more than just fuel and food prices, corn is used to far more things than you think, maybe crayons, diapers, firecrackers, and toothpaste.
    Now you can add to this list, laptop bags from Mobile Edge.

  2. Attkisson, Senior Editor, Laptop Magazine

    Mobile Edge makes Laptop Bag from Corn

    The polymeric fabric is produced with corn stock that reportedly reduces greenhouse gases by 63 percent, when compared to nylon or polyester. The fibers are said to be “soft and extremely stain resistant with high strength and stiffness qualities.”

  3. Editor Siyahi J. – Green Packs

    ScanFast Laptop Cases Made Out Of Corn

    Soft and stain resistant, the Sorona® fibers also offer high strength and stiffness. The environment-friendly material used in the making of the ScanFast™ laptop cases are expected to break new paths in this arena.

    Mobile Edge, in fact, aims at putting in place a standard for producing truly eco-friendly laptop cases through this innovation.

  4. E. Miller

    Makes organizing my computer for trips so easy.

    I love the scanfast setup, and the special pockets for flash drives and SD cards are wonderful. I love the elastic straps for the larger pockets. They make organizing my computer for trips so easy.

  5. Jordana

    Flight Attendant Approved

    I really like this computer case. I love the ease of all of the interior and exterior pockets and the checkpoint-friendly laptop compartment. The case is light and manageable but still very protective of the contents.

    Jordana Sperl – Delta Flight Attendant

  6. S. Williams

    This bag is awsome! Went through TSA with no problems.

    This bag is awsome. I took it on a trip to California and it went through TSA with no problems. It has plenty of room for everything and then some. Great design. Someone obviously put some thought into the design. I have been flying for decades and this is the best non-wheeled computer bag I have had or seen.

  7. Ed-Texas

    Best purchase I’ve made in years

    As a road warrior in software sales, I call on 3 of the major PC OEMs. That means I typically have at least two brands of notebook in my carry-on bag. Removing them both for checkpoint screening is a huge pain.

    This checkpoint-friendly bag I purchased from Mobile Edge has enough room for them both in the same compartment, allowing me to easily spread the bag open, drop one in a bin and leave the other in bag and breeze through the screening line.

    Also, it has tons of space and all the other compartments I need for all my other stuff: my reading glasses and sunglasses, a place to snap my keys so they don’t get lost in the bottom somewhere, storage for my travel wallet, pens and paper notebooks…my iPad, the pounds of power cubes and plugs, and even my Garmin! Best purchase I’ve made in years. A real value for the price.

  8. Frequent-Traveler

    Excellent TSA Briefcase

    Compliments to the chef. Whoever made the MESFBC2.0 did a wonderful job and knew what they were doing..

  9. S. Waters

    I tell everyone to buy your product !!

    This product is great! The lifetime warranty is excellent and hassle free – I tell everyone to buy your product !!

  10. Christopher H

    Hands Down The Best Travel and Work Case I Have Ever Owned

    First of all, let me tell you that your ScanFast Checkpoint Briefcase 2.0 is hands down the best travel and work case I have ever owned…..and I have used quite a few. I can’t say how much I love this product…it is a pleasure to use and does everything I need it to. Well done!!!!! Don’t stop making it, if you plan to let me know so I can get another one in case this one needs replacement.

    Thank you!!!!
    A loyal user of the ScanFast Checkpoint Briefcase 2.0 (and a frequent promoter of the product to others that comment on the bag in the security line)

  11. Andrew D.B.

    Thank you, and just so you know, some of the finest Customer Service from you and your company that I have experienced in a very long time. 😊

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