ScanFast™ Checkpoint Friendly Technology

The new ScanFast Collection of Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags helps move travelers through airport security checkpoints quickly. Now, airport screeners can X-Ray a traveler’s laptop while still inside their bag. The new cases from Mobile Edge have been tested and exceed the new Transportation Security Administration (TSA) guidelines for carry-on luggage. Simply un-zip the TSA compliant case all the way down on both sides, lay flat on the X-Ray belt and away you go. The TSA recently announced plans to implement new security procedures that will allow travelers to pass through security checkpoints without having to remove their laptops from their cases. Simultaneously, the TSA issued a request to laptop bag manufacturers to create “Checkpoint Friendly” laptop bags to help speed up security lines, allowing passengers to get to their departure gates in a timely manner. These new cases will help shorten wait times for more than 250 million passengers that travel annually in the U.S. Incorporating industry proven Mobile Edge computer protection, all ScanFast Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags will accommodate all popular models of laptops and will be covered by the Mobile Edge Lifetime Warranty.

Why it’s Good for the Environment

DuPont Sorona is made partially with Agricultural Feedstocks – Corn. This requires 30% less energy during production than Petrochemical products such as Nylon or Polyester, which reduces greenhouse emissions by 63%!

Mobile Edge designed their new Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Case Collection with this new renewable resource, reducing our dependency on oil and petrochemical products. The Sorona fibers are soft and extremely stain resistant with high strength and stiffness qualities.

Bio-PDO™ process consumes 40% less energy than the chemical PDO process it replaces.

Wireless Security Shield™

In an effort to help provide ultimate security for your Bluetooth enabled Cell phone and PDA, Mobile Edge introduced their exclusive Wireless Security Shield™ accessories pocket. This Zinc lined pocket has conductive fibers woven into the fabric which blocks out electromagnetic waves and radio frequencies, shielding your Bluetooth enabled Cell Phone or PDA from wireless hackers.

Another worry free benefit of the Wireless Security Shield™ is when stepping into a meeting, place your phone in the Zinc lined pocket and you don’t have to worry about your phone interrupting the meeting, calls go straight to voicemail.

This technology was originally developed by NASA and is now exclusively offered by Mobile Edge. The Wireless Security Shield™ is built into several new carrying cases we make providing fundamental security needed in today’s fast paced, unsecured, identity theft environment.

Bungee Comfort System™

The Bungee Comfort System (BCS) is another exclusive patent-pending innovation designed by Mobile Edge. This shock absorbing shoulder strap placement points are made of flexible material which distributes the weight of the bag evenly helping lighten the feel of the bag. The retractable placement points are built into the case, eliminating the wear-and-tear to clothing that is caused by other should strap systems. Some shock absorbing straps allow the shoulder pad to expand and contract which will cause unnecessary wear to the user’s clothing. This design is superior and makes traveling with a Mobile Edge laptop bag simply put, comfortable.

SafetyCell Computer Protection™

Our research and design team at Mobile wanted to offer our customers the best computer protection for their laptops as possible. We designed our exclusive SafetyCell™ Computer Protection sleeve, which is built with thick padding topped with independent air cells similar to an egg crate only round and soft. These air cells provide added protection only a Mobile Edge case can offer. If the bag is dropped, these air cells help dissipate the impact minimizing damage to your laptop.

Low-frequency Magnets

Although Velcro is needed in some cases, on select products we integrated low-frequency magnets eliminating the harsh ripping sound Velcro is notorious for. Although this is not something you think about every day, you will appreciate the stealth and sleekness this feature provides. Once you experience this feature you may never want a Velcro bag again.

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