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Have you opted for a light-weight or slimline laptop to reduce strain on your body? That doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice protection. Our sleeves and portfolios are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate everything from 7″ tablets to 17″ Macbook Pros – and with a selection of bright colors to suit your style you can enjoy personal expression and maximized functionality!

These semi-rigid, designer-inspired faux-croc women’s laptop are the perfect laptop computer case for corporate corridors or college campuses. If you’re looking for something more universal one of our black portfolios is a great solution. With our gorgeous laptop portfolios, you can carry your laptop and accessories within your favorite bag, or by itself with the included matching shoulder strap!

Chromebook SlipSuit Sleeve 11.6″-12″

$29.99 Tax

ME SlipSuit – MacBook Sleeves – 13.3″


ME SlipSuit – Sleeves – 16″

$29.99 Tax

ME SlipSuit – Sleeve – 16″ – Teal

$29.99 Tax

16″ SlipSuit (Orange)

$29.99 Tax
SlipSuit (Black) laptop bag - 17.3 inch
Available soon

17.3″ SlipSuit (Black)

7 Review(s)
$29.99 Tax

ME SlipSuit – MacBook Sleeve – 13.3″ – Crimson Red

$29.99 Tax

MacBook Pro Edition SlipSuit 17″ (Red)

$19.99 Tax

Sumo Laptop Sleeves 17″


Sumo Laptop Sleeves 15″


Sumo Laptop Sleeves 13″


Sumo Laptop Sleeves 12″


Laptop Portfolio – Blue Faux-Croc

$49.99 Tax

Portfolio – Green Faux-Croc

$37.49 Tax

Laptop Portfolio – Yellow Faux-Croc 14.1″/13″ MacBook Pro

$37.49 Tax
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